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    Thank you for trying to help but when I do this the game simply crashes. The server is password protected so perhaps that is the issue. I did try using "ip:port password" as well as simply "ip:port" but both crashed the game. I may just have to wait.

    Again, thanks for trying

    How do I do that from within the Ark Game?

    Cannot see my server in the list anymore.

    If I type in a random string of letters I get the message "No Sessions Found".

    When I enter the actual name of my server, there is no message just an empty list.

    Yet another quality release by Studio Wildcard. They need to fire their quality assurance manager because they clearly have no idea what their job is all about!

    Welcome to ARK.

    If Nitrado was able to place in creative mode, and others can place, but you cant: it 'could' be a corrupted' profile file. It happens.

    You could use the file browser through the web and delete your profile file on the server and try again. If it fails, then you can do a recovery backup to recover the game and the profile.

    Great, thank you. How do I delete my profile on the server? I can't see how through the web I can browse

    ARK Survivor

    We were all playing happily when all of a sudden we could no longer place any structure anywhere. Every time we did, the game crashed.

    I have tried support, but they were able to build, albeit in creative mode.

    I have tried rebuilding the server twice.

    I have rebuilt the server with different maps.

    None of the above worked. Nitrado said it's not their problem.

    It works when you are doing a local game single player game. It only crashes when playing online.

    Anyone else having an issue or know of a patch coming?