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    Nevermind i worked it out myself

    For other players having the same problem you are looking for your XUID, you can find it the way i did by connecting to your server and then going to the Live Server Console in the tools section. There it will show you the players that have connected along with their XUID.

    Next go to the File Browser and search for the file named Permissions.json

    And in that file you need to post

    [ {

    "permission": "operator",

    "xuid": "1587496258745874"



    The xuid being the number you found in Live Server Console

    Then restart the server and when you log in you should now be operator.:P:P

    Hey I have been trying to find my UUID for my minecraft bedrock server but I am yet to locate it, all of the online lookup services say username not found and i assume they are for java edition.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated because im pretty much over it;(;(;(:cursing::cursing:||||||