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    Hi, (apologies for selecting the Altis Life label, it required me to pick one)

    So me and my friends are thinking about renting an Antistasi server. When I go to order a game service and when it asks me to choose the intial start game, there's only Arma 3 vanilla and Arma 3 Altis Life, Epoch, Exile etc... but no Antistasi.

    So my question is do I just pick Arma 3 vanilla and then manually put the Antistasi mod files in the server?



    I just want to start up my space engineers server after shutting it down like an hour ago. I pressed the start server button and nothing seemed to happen so I pressed it again and got this:

    "Error: Cannot run gameserverjob-restart in parallel. Another event of this type is currently running."

    Now that is all I get when I hit the start server button... I just rented the server yesterday...

    Can anyone please help?