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    Also, what are the exact specs I get for purchasing a server? I understand they are the same as what WC uses to run their servers but I have no idea what that is. It'd be nice to know for sure the specs I am getting before going through and purchasing.

    I'm about to purchase some servers for our cluster with Nitrado and noticed when I selected Ark as the game to go with, there was an option for dedicated Minecraft ram... I'm not sure why the Minecraft ram is an option since what I selected was an Ark server, but if I purchase additional dedicated ram would that be applied to our Ark Server instead?
    We come from a laggy provider, I just want to give our users a server that will run fast and be enjoyably playable.

    Hello, I am interested in moving my hosting services over to Nitrado, but I just have a few questions before I do.

    1. Are clusters possible?

    2. Can the server be upgraded with more processing power (cpu), ram, etc should we ever need it down the road?

    3. Is it possible to transfer our current server data to this hosting provider so our members don't lose everything they worked hard for thus far?

    Thank you!