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    This still did not work for me, but I am having more issues than just the settings not applying. From server crashing to server shutting down for hours, and the ram being much less than said upon purchase. I have given up and am requesting a refund. Just seems that the slew of problems with hosting on this provider outweighs the positive aspects. I have never rented a server before, but I have hosted my own from home many times, and never had such complications. I will try another service and see if it is better.

    Any idea how to download the save game file so i can switch my server? Gonna try and Host on my machine. Plus i have been Messaging support back and forth for the past week or 2 and this is their final reply:


    The setting is correctly set in the configfile, if it is not accepted, it is a difficulty of the server software, in this case unfortunately, we can't change the game's behavior, nor the one of its server software because we have no access to it's code. I would recommend you to contact the "ELEON GAME STUDIOS" Support directly:

    -> Empyrion – Galactic Survival

    So, It seems like they have given up. Even though you can set settings on your local files and they apply just fine *single player*. I still believe that there is something wrong on their end but idk.

    Want to Get my brothers into the game and kinda ease them into it so i decided to start this server with some easy stuff. No death drops instant blueprint production, plenty of this and that, etc etc

    Bought the server last night, nothing but issues so far.
    None of the settings have saved.
    Stop server

    edit files (both ingame and in note pad. Tried multiple times)
    upload new settings

    Save and start server

    Nothing changes

    IDK what else to do. If push comes to shove i will get a refund and close this server. X(

    I am having the same issue
    did the whole download the .yaml file and changed everything i wanted

    Uploaded new file

    saved changes

    started server

    Logged into it and still no change.
    Is there another way to do this that im not thinking of? possibly another work around?