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    I have mine set like shown below. Works fine for me, it just has to be outside the radius of base flag protection. Also, nothing for this spawn needs to be added to the "types.xml" file, as it is already in "mapgroupproto.xml".

    <event name="StaticPumpA">

    <pos x="5203.3" z="10606.8" a="-1" />


    <event name="StaticPumpA">









    <flags deletable="0" init_random="0" remove_damaged="1"/>





    <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="1" min="1" type="Land_Misc_Well_Pump_Yellow"/>



    Just so you are aware, if I understand the original question correctly , the priority queue only gives those in the list first priority in the queue to log in. It doesn't actually do anything if the server is full already. So if you have 20 people logged in to a 20 slot server, those people will remain until they log out or are forced out by a restart. Aslo, the priority queue (as well as whitelist, and ban list) has been moved by Nitrado either last night or this morning. They are no longer in the "General Settings" area. They have been moved to the File Browser in the dayzxb_missions folder and as of this comment writing, the whitelist is having issues where many server member are getting booted after a few minutes of logging in with a "You are not whitelisted" message.

    Yeah, I noticed the whitelist and ban lists both moved to the file browser as text files as well. Checked to see if my members were migrated and they were, but I am still getting the same issue as everyone else has been mentioning. My members will get randomly booted from the server with a message saying "You are not whitelisted". Thanks for the lack of notice for the change to the servers we are paying for. I wonder if we can expect any credit for the issues everyone seems to be having? I got a private server so I can let who I want to join and not just open it to any duping, cheating, pvp hungry, base raiding douchebag that wants to cause havoc, but it looks like I may have to either open the server or password it, which sometimes is no better than opening it, since password can be given out.

    My Xbox just updated the DayZ game and I see that the Nitrado server I am renting says it is now 1.11, but it doesn't look like any of my modified XML files have been changed and when I entered the game, there hasn't been a wipe. From what I understand, there was supposed to be a wipe this morning, or was that just for official servers? I was thinking if I check the "Reset Mission-xml to default" box, that should reset all XML files to the new 1.11 files right? If I do this, without a wipe, the game should run stable?:/

    If you are using Nitrado, in the "general Settings" section should be a checkbox to turn on Priority access listed as "dayzps/settings/priority" (just after the Whitelist option) and it will have a box where you type in the gamertags of who you want to have priority access in case of queues. At least this is where mine is on my Xbox server and hopefully they set it up the same way for PC and PS4/5.

    Hi HowsMyShot#0001 , I've sent you a request on discord. Would love to use your stuff


    I just sent a friend request in Discord as OtherJoneser67. I am a new server operator with Xbox and would love to know how to do this as well. I have heard people say it isn't possible for console, but I have been on an Xbox server that did have their killfeed on Discord, so I know it is possible, just having a hard time finding out how.