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    Welcome to one of the best role-playing servers in Dayz for PS4. We’re a friendly, welcoming community looking for 16+ players.

    We are currently getting ready for our first seasonal event : HP Halloween!

    We have active players from UK and US.

    42 slot server that frequently reaches High/Medium Population.

    Active Staff both on the Discord, and Server that are always around to help out with any queries.

    Players spawn around the safezone, where people can trade and role play freely.

    Customized loot spawns that add: Cannabis, Different weapon skins, New Clothes, Vodka, New Weapons, and much more.

    A thriving economy that uses a Discord Bot for money.

    Multiple Factions and collectives each suited to different styles, and interests to cater to each and every player, with the option to go solo, or with a few buddies.

    Collectives and settlements can be found around the map.

    A clear and distinct list of rules to follow by, and an application process to better ensure player enjoyment.

    Role play is encouraged throughout. No KOSing or offline raids to improve player enjoyment.

    Weekly events that allows players to have some PvP freedom.

    Monthly giveaways, such as PSN vouchers, PS plus and gift cards, as well as in game loot.

    And much, much, more.

    If DayZHP sounds like a server you would be interested in; use the links below to check out the server!

    DayZHP Discord: DiscordDayZHP Twitter:

    Hope to see you soon!