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    So its not work, the Message System only shutdown the server, there is no restart. Nitrado told me you need to synch the nitrado automatic task and the message system for that. So i think it is not worth all the work.

    Its working fine for me - I have removed the automated tasks and left the messaging command to do the restart, server counts down to about a minute and kicks you off, then it takes another 1 minute for the server to start the reboot sequence and I can reconnect.

    OK I can confirm that this worked for me although when the countdown gets to 1min it kicks you off server and 1 minute later the server will reboot. This is my settings:

    Thank you for providing me this, I will give it a go but it seems the issue I have is when it gets to shut down I get kicked off server but server does not reboot?

    You're probably aware you need to ensure the automated tasks are not set for the reboot from msg.xml to work, I'd check to see if you have automated task reboots set, if so turn them off.. The command in the script file handles it..

    OK thank you for confirming- I will give this a go. I left the automated reboots in as I wanted to test the message command on a short timer but server did not reboot. I'll give it a go and see what happens.

    I assume when the command executes the who server visably restarts but not an ingame refresh that takes seconds as last time, in the server admin protal the server did nothing?

    Thank you for providing me this, I will give it a go but it seems the issue I have is when it gets to shut down I get kicked off server but server does not reboot?

    I wonder if someone could please help or advise

    Apologises if this might have already been asked before!

    I'm trying to setup the server to countdown to a server reboot every 5 hours and tried using the ingame messaging command:




    <text>Server will restart in #tmin minutes.</text>


    I assume it works as 150minutes to deadline reboot then 90 minute countdown making 4 hours in total?

    So I tested it and it counted down, kicked me off server saying it shutdown but the actual server didn't restart? I have also got automated reboots setup but when I do that there are no warnings or noficiations, server just reboots and I don't know how to get the best of both worlds where players are informed, count down notifications are sent and the actual server restart after countdown?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Yeah thanks again,

    They close for calls at 3:30pm so fat out of luck there - I guess I'll have to wait as I really dont want to go through that again having to re-upload all the mods and confirm to xml files

    So I believe there has been a very small update to dayz which means you can no longer connect to the server because you can a bad version in game - I spend hours yesterday rebuilding the server from scratch to onlt find today we can't connect again. Do i have to rebuild the server again or can I so something which will not loose what any one has done in the last 12 hours of playing on my server?

    This is frustrating if we need to do this again?

    Could someone please advise?

    Many thanks,

    Evening peeps!

    I have a question, I'm new to hosting a Dayz server with Nitrado (I've hosting one on my machine but never through a server provider).

    The server shows up on the ingame server list but does not show up on DZSA and I'm not sure to do this - could someone please help / advise?

    Many thanks,