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    oh goodness hello again! sorry to add another problem to the list but as i came onto my server earlier today it tells me it 'can't resolve host name' and won't let me into the server. upon checking logs and files i couldn't see anything abnormal but maybe that's due to me not knowing much about computers hah... thank you again !! <3

    in my minecraft server we decided to have it so we had a "teleport room", where using command blocks made it so we could easily make our way to eachothers bases... only to quickly find out that even if command blocks were allowed, in server properties it was true, spawn protection to zero and myself and a friend inclued op-ed, we couldn't place command blocks... can anyone explain why? sorry to bother ty for any help !!

    recently started up a new server so i can play w a few friends but the seed we started on was kinda bland so decided to change it! i did so and all of us logged into the server to find it was the same... even still w all of our stuff. so i tried again and another time w a different seed but nothing changed... can someone explain if i did something wrong? i can give more of the process of how i changed it if needed. tyty