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    I just did a thorough testing of setting changes, and found that all tested settings update with just a server reboot, instead of needing a new game save. I tested all basic changes, of ore type, difficulties, upon death dropping, escape pod despawn or not, poi regenerating or not, resources regenerating or not, auto-miners settings and more.

    The only thing I found that did need a new game save file was changing the scenario, and that makes sense.

    The save game files taken from Nitrado also do not load well into a private server, having issues upon trying to use them, requiring a new game and giving up on the saved game files from the rented server. I do not pretend to know why this is, just that it is.

    Empyrion is currently having an issue with the 1.2 update, that I have been reading, where saved games are not saving properly, but my backups were before that time, so not to be confused with that. I hope they fix the game save issue though, as I am taking a break from the game until they do, and am done trouble shooting and testing for now.

    I hope this thread helps those who are also experiencing this issue. It is a frustrating one, that seems to be limiting a lot of opportunity to make your server stand out among the many that are out there. Have fun and game on.

    You can download your files from the files menu where you browse your files. I no longer can view it to walk you through it per step, but I am sure someone still does here. It is not difficult, once you find it though, as there is a download option. However, my save game file did not want to cooperate, trying multiple backups and saves, none of them worked right, and seem to be missing some information within the files.

    What causes this, I am uncertain, but I am finding that the private server game saves are having trouble anyhow. There are trade-offs in everything.

    Depending on what you are trying to change, you can also alter the .ecf files to adjust to your desires, but this is limited in the scope of some things, like regenerating poi's and the sort. The real thing needed is support for the empyrion helper included with the game. I was told by their customer service that it is a third party application, which is not true, so I guess it just takes time for them to realize that is the admin tool and make allowance for it.

    Just want to clarify that this issue was never resolved, and even the last day of the server, it was down for over 4 hours, without anything in the log for why it stopped. No idea why it was doing it, and Nitrado customer service never did figure it out either, though they said they upgraded the equipment the server was running on once. I am not sure who marks all of these posts as resolved, but it seems that it is without the problems actually being resolved.

    I was looking into it while I still had my server through Nitrado, but stopped because the thread said resolved. I have since requested a refund for my server and awaiting that process. I would consider doing a file integrity check on your server however, as that is the only thing I can think of at the juncture.

    Well, bizarre enough, I setup a server on my computer to test it out, and settings work fine, and update fine, with no issues at all. I can say this is not a normal server running experience for Empyrion, and has something to do with the setup that Nitrado has. I had a server working exactly how I wanted within a few hours, while weeks of struggling failed to achieve anything on the rented server.

    This still did not work for me, but I am having more issues than just the settings not applying. From server crashing to server shutting down for hours, and the ram being much less than said upon purchase. I have given up and am requesting a refund. Just seems that the slew of problems with hosting on this provider outweighs the positive aspects. I have never rented a server before, but I have hosted my own from home many times, and never had such complications. I will try another service and see if it is better.

    Yes, the game stores save files on your file manager, which you can access. You can also run several saved games, but not at once of course, once you become more familiar with the save files and how to swap them.

    This is still a problem for me. Even the support at Nitrado has been unable to figure it out yet. Read from an Empyrion support online, it was a file that has limited permissions, but that was an old conversation, so unsure. Nitrado seems to be working on it, which is good.

    Still working on other issues with the server as well, such as settings changed do not apply, but the random server resets have decreased in frequency. Maybe once a day that I am aware off, not counting the scheduled reset. There seems to be a long track record of this game being an issue for Nitrado, which I am now finding out, from reading past server hosts issues on this forum and other locations as well. Hopefully this is not going to be my experience, but it is not starting all that fantastic.

    I have tried this, even changing every file that I could find options within the entire game folder, and I cannot get setting changes to apply. Tried new game saves and even precreating the config folder, to which nothing works. I even finally got the Admin helper, all which seems to have no actually ability to do anything in the game, aside from read date. The program does not have any ability to alter information in any form. I am considering moving the maps to a default style game, manually changing settings and seeing how that works.