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    it still does not appear the ingame server listings and even personally adding it to my favorites still does not make it appear and would not solve the issue of random people not being able to find it and join as a public server i spent almost the entire day emailing with support for them to for them to just close the ticket after asking me to stop the server then me saying it has stopped and taking it as the problem has stopped and then not doing anything. really bad experience renting a server so far.

    ok update the mod problem seems to be fixed but my server still does not appear in the ingame server list or the Nitrado list and i have set up the server profile to be public etc any help would be much apricatied

    i just rented a server with the intention of using mods and it would not start now support has told me that Nitrado Conan servers do not currently work with mods since a swap from 32 to 64 bit mods, i was wondering how long this has been the case? and also when its likley to be fixed?

    Server is also not appearing in the games listing anywhere i can only connect via "direct connect" as this is meant to be a public server this is a Big issue :/