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    Hey there, im getting this error when trying to login to the main nitrado´s website using latest chrome

    1. {"status":"error","message":"No state provided. Please read the API documentation before proceeding."}<img src="" alt=":thumbdown:" class="smiley" srcset="[email protected] 2x" height="23" data-tooltip="thumbdown" id="wscSmiley_0_0">

    Hello fellow admins!

    ID like to know if anyone could help me on this

    I need to move (not cancel) the spawn location of a Giganoto, but idk what would be the right approach.

    Any help would be much appreciated. ?(

    Good day/night every1

    Id like to ask for some direction..

    Currently I opened a role server with difficulty x3 whereas max dino lvl is 90 and survivors´s max lvl is 105.

    At somepoint ppl in my server are trying caves to gather artifacts in order to complete missions but, dino lvls inside caves go as high as 700 making it practically impossible for the current tames.

    my question is.. how can i balance dino lvls within caves?.. is the cave dmg variable the way to go or.. is there any other variable i should be looking at?

    thanks for the responses in advance.

    idem.... same thing is happening in my servers... really small ammounts of hp increases when leveling and the highest ive gotten them so far in the hp deppt is around 46.. 48k hp without sacrificing that much dmg outputs...where they nerfed?

    My servers are presenting an issue which is a constant through out all of the clusters!.. ppl get disconnected the moment they login and have to retry 3 or 4 times... how can i fix this BS? :cursing:

    If im not mistaken, for this to work, you have to set the engrams to autolearn instead of spending points on them so try these instead:






    Like if you liked it or found this helpful

    I've seen separate options for this in general settings... Apart from the ones in the cross ark section... Might be worth to also check on those?

    Ok, I´ve found the answer my self and Im gonna share it with every1 who is running into the same issue with flying dinos in valguero´s aberration bioma!

    it doesn´t matter if you have added ForceAllowCaveFlyers=True in the ini code, you HAVE to enable the checkbox for "Flying inside caves" in Settings/General/Gameplay/