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    So I setup a SCUM server for me and a few friends, and through the first days we put probably 30 hours into the server, gathering up a massive arsenal, 3 working cars and had everything ready to build a base, until yesterday when I tried to login.

    I could see my server character on the menu screen, but hitting "Continue" I was being put into the character creation screen, and not spawned in from where I logged off. I tried restarting the game a few times, but ended up having to create a new character. So I did that. After a few hours I had to restart the server again, and when joining again, I was AGAIN being forced to create a new character. Now this character, I put in another 5-6 hours, started to gather up the arsenal again.

    Fast forward to today, 30 minutes ago, I was told by one of my friends that his character didn't exist, he had to create a new character. At this point I was livid. I hopped on to the server, and would you look at that, I had to create a new character for the FOURTH TIME.

    I can't figure out why on earth this happens. The settings on the server are basically vanilla, the only thing changed is the day/night time cycle, and added myself as admin in the config files. I checked settings, nothing indicates a server/character wipe on server restart. I don't get this.

    "The page isn’t redirecting properly"

    "An error occurred during a connection to"

    Keep getting this message trying to enter the control panel for my ARK server on Firefox. This has never been an issue before (had the server for almost a month), and it just happened today when scrolling the settings, changing a few things and then clicking "Save". Then it wouldn't load the page, and now it won't load the control panel at all.

    I rented a server 6 months ago, installed Bukkit/Spigot and joined the server with no problems. Currently back renting a new server, but everytime I try to access the server running Bukkit/Spigot, I get the error message attached below.

    Going back and switching to Vanilla server, everything works just fine with no problems.

    Anyone care to explain why this is happening now?