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    Yes, to make a copy manually, is not that big of a problem. And if we look at Valheim, that have a REALLY big world, it is not a big game in GB. Same goes for the save-files. Takes no time at all.

    But since I am a working guy, I must have this automated.

    I would be glad for all help, You might provide for me, for this issue.



    I just wonder about server back-ups. If I'm not mistaken, there is a backup once every day, that you can restore, if something goes wrong.

    I would like to have more frequent back-ups, if it is possible? Even pay for it. Can this be done?

    Thanks in advance!

    //BTP :)

    After I posted a ticket, I could see on my mobile phone, that they were working on something on the server. (I am at work, so I can't log in myself right now).

    But I could now see the save-files in the sever folders, and a friend of mine logged in, and all seems fine.

    So a quick fix from Nitrado personnel, and I am thankful. :)

    I must log in and see for myself, so nothing got lost during the problem. But it seems OK.

    I have players, that put in alot of hours, and if thier stuff is missing, they will offer me to Bonemass..... 8o

    Hello! I just have one question. When I rent the server, it says "have up to 5 games". I guess that means, I can have 5 diffrent seeds, for renting 1 server? But how? How do I add the other 4 seeds, from the seed I already have?

    Thanks in advance for all help!

    Hey guys! You have to wait for that a little bit (i guess?). First the developers must fix the game, so it have stable options for server to be hosted, and all the problems that comes with it.

    This game is still in development, and just now it is not possible, due to the coding of the game.

    I have been in contact with the developers, and I have been giving them a few pointers.

    AFTER everything is fixed in the game, and server-hosting and bugs, and everything, the game must be a little famous, right?

    A server provider like Nitrado can't just host all games that is out there, no server provider can, since it is a ocean of games on the market.

    This is a guess from my side, but I belive that the game must have both a stable coding, and some sort of popularity, before the add it to thier option.

    I am also a big fan of Valheim, so I am on your side guys, but this will take some time I belive...

    * hugs from me anyway *


    Hey, I tried to help a few on the forum, but now I also need a little help.

    Namalsk map is very laggy, and de-sync-ish. Yes I know, Nitrado must be in expert mode for maps that are mods, and not DLC.

    But I tried to take away base-building, reduced zombies, more server-restarts and less loot-spawns, and also reduced view-distance.

    But I am just asking you guys out there:

    Does anyone have a few tricks and tips, how to change settings, so I can reduce lag and de-sync?

    Somewhere in the cfg-file I guess?

    Any help would be very welcome! :)

    Thanks in advance!

    I also had this problem. The zombies stopped to spawn loot, when they are killed. This was long ago, but I remember that the problem was the logic build of a xml-file.

    As you proberly know, the xml-files have "sections" for each loot or vehicle or zombies. Each item or AI, have a start and a end in theese sections. My problem was that I installed a mod, with extra loot, like wepaons, food and clothes. And I accedently removed a logic character from one of the segments in the xml-file. And everything after that "error", did not work/spawn on the server.

    This is easy to check, BUT IT TAKES TIME to go throw all the lines. But that is what i did, and I fixed it. If you have a copy of the original files (that you should ALWAYS back-up), restore the file to the original, and try to program it again, to see if you maybe made a error somewhere in the logic-build of the file?

    I hope this is of any help?


    This is something that can happen sometimes. If oyu manage to STOP the server, you might want to try a few things. First of all most of the problems with looping servers (in DayZ atleast), is the config file in the root-directory. That is a VERY sensetive file, and just the smallest error, can loop server forever.

    * I HOPE you made a backup of that file? Then restore it to the original one, and try again.

    * Change the name of the server, to something simple like "DayZ Test" - Save and restart again. (REMEMBER don't use " inside the name, that could kick a loop, since the name must be between "-----" Here is an example that happend to a friend of mine Name of server:

    "Dayz Hardcore "RP" server cars++ zombies++"

    As you can see, the "RP" can not be written with " ". The config file thinks the server name is "Dayz Hardcore " - and the rest after that is a error for the game to read.

    * Check all your lines in the config. Are there any lines the does not look like the rest? Like this:

    respawnTime = 6;

    enableDebugMonitor = 0;

    verifySignatures = 2;

    forceSameBuild = 1;

    disableVoN = false;

    vonCodecQuality = 7;



    If something is misspelled, or lack a character like the ; It could make the server loop.

    I have had tons of looping servers, and 99% of the time it is the "serverDZ.cfg" file, that have a un-logic setup. And most of the times, it is ME, who made "poop" in the text-lines.

    I hope this is of some help?


    Hi, yeah I had the same problem. This is not easy.
    If you start a freshly installed game, with vanilla "types.xml", then the game spawns loot, and that loot can have like 2 days of lifetime. Even if you change types.xml, to zero for headtorch, and restart game, the game will continue to "remember" all the headtorches. You might have to wait them out, until they de-spawn, but some loot can have HORRIBLE long life-time. I tried to run around and delete loot myself, but that is a job for GOD himself....

    What you can do is to change the types.xml, to your settings, then wipe the server from items. BUT then you have the problem that everything the players have build, stashed, cars, tents... is gone. You can wipe the server and let players have thier loot on themselves, and just wipe all items. You can ofc also wipe both loot, and players advancment (a fresh wipe).

    To wipe the server you have to delete a folder called "storage_1" on your active map, under the folder "Mpmissions". If you delete that folder (storage_1) - you will wipe whole server, and all is fresh. If you just want to wipe some things, you can look inside "DATA" folder in storage_1 - there you can see cars, buildings.... and so on.

    I hope this helps?


    Can someone tell me how to make settings on DAYZ server on PC, so it would reduce lag?

    I had a loop-restart on my NAMALSK server, and I put in a ticket. BUT it seams like more servers from other providers were affected by DDOS attacks. So finally when my server was back on, it is unplayeble, but as many other ppl say, they belive it is a DDOS attack.

    Still I want to know, if anyone have experience how to make your server run smoother? Specially the DAYZ and if too much loot can disrupt the performance? Or is loot that is stored in containers, less laggy, since they are hidden, or can they still be a lag-problem?

    And if there is a DDOS attack going on, how can we/you solve it? Is it something we just have to wait-out, or can the NITRADO do something about it? (IF this is acually a DDOS attack ofc)

    Would be glad for some answers----- Thanks in advance! :)


    Unfortunately I have to ban players, who doesn't follow the Server-Rules. I have evidence of glitching into base, from the Nitrado logs.

    My question is:

    Wich id-number from the logs, do I have to put inside the "ban list" document?

    Thanks in advance! :)

    Profiles folder on nitrado server is "CONFIG" folder. There you will find all your logs if you activate to see player movment, damage and building ect. So if you want to install an Admin tool, then a folder with config file, must end up inside CONFIG folder

    Yeah, the loop often happends if you have wrong settings in your critical server files. Like the "serverDZ.cfg". That file is very sensative. It must have a logic start, and end, otherwise you can have the loop-problem. There are a coupple of other files that are important, for stuff to work. ALWAYS LOOK AND LEARN from original files (and save a copy, so you can fix the loop).

    When you learn and see how the structures in a file looks lke and works, then you can most of the time see if there is any info missing or you accidental removed a " } " or something.

    It takes some time and some coffee and a few tears, but evntually you get the hang of it :) Here is an example of my "serverDZ.cfg" file:

    // standard server params

    hostname = "Dayz EUROPA NAMALSK Vanilla Server (Public)";

    password = "";

    passwordAdmin = "xxx-xxx-xxx";

    maxPlayers = 32;

    verifySignatures = 2;

    forceSameBuild = 1;

    disableVoN = 0;

    vonCodecQuality = 20;

    disable3rdPerson = 1;

    disableCrosshair = 0;

    guaranteedUpdates = 1;

    loginQueueConcurrentPlayers = 5;

    loginQueueMaxPlayers = 500;

    instanceId = 1;

    storageAutoFix = 1;

    // custom Namalsk edits

    serverTime = "2011/7/7/9/01";

    serverTimeAcceleration = 2;

    serverNightTimeAcceleration = 0;

    serverTimePersistent = 0;

    disablePersonalLight = 1;

    lightingConfig = 1;

    defaultVisibility = 2200;

    defaultObjectViewDistance = 2200;

    // the mission

    class Missions


    class DayZ





    logFile = "server.log";

    steamport = 12005;

    steamqueryport = 12001;

    adminLogPlayerHitsOnly = 1;

    adminLogPlacement = 1;

    adminLogBuildActions = 1;

    adminLogPlayerList = 1;

    disableBaseDamage = 1;

    disableContainerDamage = 1;

    disableRespawnDialog = 0;

    As you can see, the file calls the "regular.namalsk" map, instead of "DayzOffline.chernarus".

    Hope this helps? :)

    Yes. Since I made a horrible misstake before, I wiped my server, totally clean. Then I downloaded the 2 Namalsk mods. Copied the mods to the root of the server, (i use FileZilla - file transfer program). Copied the key to key-folder. Copied the "regular.namalsk" to the MPMISSION folder. (There is regular.namalsk and hardcore.namalsk, but I stick to the easy one :) )

    Then I did as Jaeger told me to do. I marked the box in General settings "EXPERT MODE", then after that I copied the Dayz.cfg from the mod to the root and replaced the original.

    Then I restarted server, and then I stopped the server, then I programmed the .cfg so I get SERVER NAME - TIME - DATE - NUMBER OF PLAYERS ect.

    Then I saved, and started the server. Then I installed some other mods, then restarted server, and noe it works....


    Jaeger sir,

    This was very helpful. It worked by "ticking the box" at EXPERT MODE. Then the server does not automaticlly overwrite the dayz config file. Of corse I had to manully program the config file, but that is not super much work. I have never had to use EXPERT MODE before, so therefor I did not know this.

    You helped me good, and quick.

    Thank you sir! :)


    Hello everyone.

    I tried to install the new mod that is out "Namalsk" on my server. In the mod there is a custom dayz.cfg file, that is in the root. In this file there are some settings, and also in the file, there is a parameter who call the "Namalsk" map.

    But when I restart my server, the server somehow "overwrite" this line, and makes it "dayzoffline.chernarus". How many times i try to replace, and save, the server overwrites this file.

    In the settings, when I log into the server, I can choose Chernarus or Livonia as a DLC, but not Namalsk.

    Does anyone have any clue, what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance! :)