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    I feel like seeing a few miscreated servers hosted by Nitrado, Admins / Mods are we able to get a forum section in the games?

    Also, Does restarting the miscreated server always take that long for Nitrado? I have other friends who are with different hosts that when they restart the server it's pretty much back up within the minute... Nitrado for some reason seems to take 10.

    Well my server for miscreated was out of date too for a bit... We were unable to join as well when the server first started..

    After sending in a ticket and they updated our server the game ran fine.. So it sounds like it's just a server version issue.


    I have a Miscreated server with Nitrado. I see all these other companies able to download their damage.log and it'll be most up to date to the SECOND it was downloaded but for some reason when I try to do the same on Nitrado it looks like it just gives me a damage log recorded on that day.

    Example.. the damage.log records and writes a file aroudn 11 AM of every day... so from Yesterday 11:01 AM - today 10:59 AM it writes a file... but if damage was done at say 11:05 AM today... I won't be able to see that Until next day 11AM when the file log is recorded (I tried)... I want to be able to be at 11:06 AM to see who did that damage when I download the file.

    Any help please? right now i'm doing echo death throughout the server but that's not good for the roleplay.

    I want to be able to punish the rule breakers.