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    I've cleared the history, cache, and ALL saved passwords. and it still won't allow me to remove the server password. what are my options at this point.. someone please help

    I have updated the mods on the mods list and when I start the server it doesn't show up when i search. When I try to direct connect it tells me it took too long. With a few days left of time and almost two days of not being able to get on, I'm pretty frustrated. Is anyone else having this issue with their server for the Exiled Lands?

    I just had renewed my server, after 3 months of it being up with no issues, and now, i can't even find my server. it isn't like i created a whole new 'pc' version. it was just a renewal. that's $90 wasted, unless i can find a way to get my server back up and running. ANYONE able to help us out? please