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    First off, I sent them very closely to each other. I didn’t see your reply at the time. Way to come at a potential customer with snark.

    Also... your answer is hilarious. I’ve heard so many stories of server owners going over this with Nitrado tech support, and just getting the run around. A good friend of mine quite the game because it’s so bad, and he was sick of continuing to work with Nitrado tech support, and basically getting run around.

    It is well documented and widely known that DayZ has TERRIBLE lag issues on xBox. “There might be something else wrong” has been going on for as long as I’ve been playing the game, which is about a year. Here is someone who is trying to actually figure out is there is something else we can do, getting attitude. Great service you have here. Helping me make my decision about using your service.

    I actually just posted about this. I wondered if the exclusive RAM and max FPS would help with the insane lag issues, especially when driving through cities. Even in small towns, you can't drive over 25kph without lagging out. I have very high speed internet, and DayZ is the only game I have this issue with.

    It's commonly known that there are major lag issues with DayZ on console. You can't drive through a town at over 25kph without it glitching out, a bus spawning in front of you, etc. I've even had frame rate issues running through towns. While we suffer through it, the experience is very short of smooth. I've had friends leave the game recently because it's just too glitchy.

    Would running it on an EPS Public Server improve the experience? Is it even possible for xbox?