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open positions @ Nitrado

    Update for my server at least, I re-installed my server a third time and this time after I made the config change for the map my server is now loading the map correctly. Not sure if it's because of the re-install or if Nitrado was able to find a fix.

    I received a reply on Twitter,


    We are aware of the difficulty and are currently working on a fix.

    We apologize for the delay but will have this resolved shortly. Please keep an eye for updates here.


    If I receive anything else I will post it on here.

    That's fine if they are trying to figure it out but you don't shutdown your chat support function and ignore paying customers. All it would take is a simple message through any number of avenues to notify us that they are working on it.

    I work in customer support and if I were to ignore someone because I didn't have an answer for them, I'm fairly certain that I would not have my job for much longer.