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    Hello shadowk1ller, i tell u, I have been suffering restats in my nitrado game server for ages !!!!,, they did i dont know how many things and no solution ! I had my server in New York and even moved it to LA, and nothing! the restarts went on. I can't believe they can't solve it. It is their control panel, i trusted them, I paid one year rental for facing restarts everday ! U know, after a restart, the server shows a map in pre-game mode, so as players dont wanna be in a pre-game mode server, they leave it. I do my best to populate it, but when players who liked the server come back the following day and find it empty and in pre-game they leave, so i always find it empty. i stay on, till more players join and the game starts, but the following day the same; empty and in pregame mode. Nitrado sucks !!!

    BTW, i already read the wikinitrado, posted in the forum and nothing, how can it be that if i have issues with theirs product they send me to read and get the solution by myself, shame ..

    Hello, i dont know how to set the "vars.team2FactionOverride" in the control panel :( there are 4 blanks to fill, by default the 2 & 4 are set with "2" and the 1 & 3 with "0". The problem is that i find always the teams changed; CH vs RU only (this is in BF4 ) so I set them to US vs RU & US vs CH. The problem is not only the team names, they have the same vehicles :( that is why I wanna have set the US team too. Any help how to set the fracions override in the control panel ? I already set the teams in procon, but the following day i find all changed again, so there must be something i dont do properly in the control panel of nitrado. Thanks :)