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    I don't understand what lootmax and lootmin means in events and mapgroupproto. For exemple, heli crash :


    <event name="StaticHeliCrash">










    <flags deletable="1" init_random="0" remove_damaged="0"/>





    <child lootmax="15" lootmin="10" max="3" min="1" type="Wreck_Mi8_Crashed"/>

    <child lootmax="15" lootmin="10" max="3" min="1" type="Wreck_UH1Y"/>




    Mapgroupproto.xml :

    <group name="Wreck_UH1Y" lootmax="15">

    <usage name="Military" />

    <container name="lootFloor" lootmax="15">

    <category name="tools" />

    <category name="containers" />

    <category name="clothes" />

    <category name="weapons" />

    <tag name="floor" />

    <tag name="shelves" />

    <point pos="2.293945 -1.541862 1.939941" range="0.100000" height="1.145172" />

    <point pos="3.630615 -1.221848 0.478027" range="0.203125" height="1.058037" />

    <point pos="3.128174 -1.250969 0.282227" range="0.237500" height="1.899963" />

    <point pos="2.601563 -1.275345 0.026855" range="0.237500" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="2.976563 -1.479630 2.021972" range="0.340625" height="1.139282" />

    <point pos="4.462646 -1.856918 -0.474609" range="0.595988" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="2.273926 -1.856918 3.096679" range="0.718352" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="1.722656 -1.856918 -1.948730" range="0.821779" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="5.276123 -1.856918 4.080566" range="0.827611" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="3.192871 -1.856918 -1.159668" range="0.846799" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-2.588379 -1.856918 -0.039551" range="0.898411" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="3.540283 -1.856918 4.118164" range="0.908636" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="0.502686 -1.856918 2.775879" range="0.942924" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="5.894042 -1.856918 0.567383" range="1.068359" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="6.488282 -1.856918 2.621094" range="1.069595" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-0.299072 -1.856918 -1.951172" range="1.199951" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-0.732910 -1.856918 0.940430" range="1.199951" height="1.900002" />



    <group name="Wreck_Mi8" lootmax="15">

    <usage name="Military" />

    <container name="lootFloor" lootmax="15">

    <category name="tools" />

    <category name="containers" />

    <category name="clothes" />

    <category name="weapons" />

    <tag name="floor" />

    <tag name="shelves" />

    <point pos="-1.927728 -1.697937 -0.790661" range="0.134375" height="1.549751" />

    <point pos="-1.416298 -1.697937 -0.339270" range="0.272949" height="1.520737" />

    <point pos="0.771750 -1.697937 2.138307" range="0.319800" height="1.469231" />

    <point pos="-0.713407 -1.697937 0.295482" range="0.330567" height="1.482864" />

    <point pos="0.801303 -1.697937 1.487146" range="0.332032" height="1.431625" />

    <point pos="1.546498 -1.697937 1.557528" range="0.340625" height="1.419449" />

    <point pos="-5.426794 -1.686195 0.940635" range="0.340625" height="1.899956" />

    <point pos="0.127841 -1.697937 -2.537111" range="0.450698" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-0.761337 -1.697937 -2.720164" range="0.457128" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="0.708467 -1.697937 -1.836948" range="0.458892" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-0.017129 -1.697937 1.021565" range="0.469727" height="1.458138" />

    <point pos="-3.614693 -1.697937 -3.271325" range="0.506054" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-1.585944 -1.697937 2.360873" range="0.510322" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-4.474507 -1.697937 1.532356" range="0.558594" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-5.474088 -1.697937 -2.190016" range="0.562416" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-4.633357 -1.697937 -2.940941" range="0.564847" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-2.941702 -1.697937 -2.424437" range="0.575674" height="1.629967" />

    <point pos="2.348805 -1.697937 -0.224372" range="0.583300" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-1.804979 -1.697937 -2.684125" range="0.587135" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-0.329995 -1.697937 4.222433" range="0.589417" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-4.072934 -1.697937 -1.919787" range="0.599984" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-2.558625 -1.697937 -3.602155" range="0.600620" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-2.966375 -1.697937 -1.205420" range="0.609667" height="1.675331" />

    <point pos="-4.092347 -1.697937 -0.665942" range="0.638873" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="3.848593 -1.697937 4.011734" range="0.640112" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="1.283345 -1.697937 -0.872562" range="0.663839" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-0.547763 -1.697937 2.962240" range="0.689453" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="0.862558 -1.697937 4.904042" range="0.766415" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-2.629067 -1.697937 1.523908" range="0.827067" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="4.320639 -1.697937 2.597584" range="0.850743" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="-5.587495 -1.697937 -0.772088" range="0.860039" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="3.368212 -1.697937 0.870082" range="0.912368" height="1.900002" />

    <point pos="2.554070 -1.697937 4.891639" range="0.925143" height="1.900002" />




    lootmax=15. What does that mean ? It means number of items spawning around the mi8/uh1y ? If i increase the lootmax value in mapgroupproto, do i need to change it event (same value as in mapgroupproto) ?


    I increased the slots on my DayZ private server, 10 to 20. On my Nitrado web interface the server is "stopping server ... the server is shutting down", but it's been almost an hour. The server seems blocked in a loop. On my Nitrado app i can see that the changes are OK, slots are 20 but on the web interface it still shutting down. In game the server is still 10 slots.


    I want to delete my xbox private server for DayZ but there is no option. Don't tell me to do it with the nitrado xbox app because I can't, there is nothing on this app, we can buy a server but no option for stop paiement or delete my server. Sorry for my english, I'm french.


    I have a test server on DayZ (Xbox). My restart are so loooong, I don't understand. On my private RP server no problem but with my test server the restart are just broken... Don't tell me to wipe it because I already did it :|

    Another issue, when I'm playing the game kicked me off and it says "you are not whitelisted", of course I'm whitelisted, this is my server :D and when I'm back in the game, my player is not at the same place.

    Hello everyone,

    Yesterday I was looking for a tutorial for a killfeed on our Discord. A friend tried to install it but it's not what I want. His killfeed makes appear messages in game but what I want is a killfeed on Discord, not in game and I don't know how can I do this. I was looking for on internet but found nothing. I want something like this (image).

    Can anybody help us please ?

    I'm french, sorry for my English.

    My Discord name : Jack Baker (Farmers)#6533

    Our Discord : Fear the dayZ