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    Hey Team,

    So am running this factorio server which is due to expire soon.

    Thinking about upgrading to accommodate the growing player base, and I might be dumb but I can't see my current and my new specs before I buy it.
    Currently I do publicserver 8 slot.
    There is a slider for hardware, but apart from price, it does not tell me what is the specs I'm paying for? Unless I'm really that blind.
    It does say "All other games, besides the above mentioned, include all resources (no limit)." and above mentioned is only minecraft, so I'm really not sure if this upgrade would do anything for non-minecraft games? What is "all resouce (no limit)"? What's the CPU and amount of RAM?

    Thanks and sorry if I'm THAT blind

    Did you find a way to do this?

    I know you can do a /s when you are online, but when I remote restart my server I also want to bump in a remote message saying it's coming in x mins.