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    I have set auto restart every 6 hours in Automated tasks.

    I want the server to send warning message 30, 15, 10, 5, and 1 minutes before the restart.

    For example: "This server will restart in 30 minutes"

    I know you need to edit the messages.xml but I can't find clear instructions how to make this happen.

    Can someone give simple and idiot-proof instructions, please? Thanks in advance.

    I mean... now, your child max is 10+15=25 and main max is 35 so it's below the max value. But what if child max was higher than main max? Like 50. Would it still work?

    By the way, don't I have to change the cow territories file too? Like you do with zombies...

    Stupid question:

    If child max is like 10 (or 5+5), does this mean the main max has to be at least 10, too?

    So dmin/dmax values are more relevant than min/max/nom ?

    So I went through my types.xml since there are so much useless stuff I don't want. (I did this days ago)

    For example, I set womens clothing to minimum, like nominal 5 and min.1. I can't find Whetstones anywhere so I pumped it up to 100/80. Now the problem is, I still find a lot of womens clothing and zero to none Whetstones...maybe 1 per day if I'm lucky. I also added Whetstones and LeatherSewingKit to randompresets so zombies would drop them but no, zero Whets/Leathers dropped so far.

    Game is doing exact opposite what I want, why? What is the logic behind this? I don't understand. X/Frustrating.

    (Another "increase" thread... forgive me.)

    I'm trying to increase the amount of zombies on my server.

    Things I've edited so far, for example:

    events.xml (infectedcity max 500, etc)

    globals.xml (zombiemax 2000)

    zombie_territories.xml (dmax values village 15 and city 30)

    So I've increased the values some bit but I still don't see any difference...zombies are quite scarce, actually.

    What am I doing wrong? Any tips are highly appreciated.

    So, I want to increase the number of cows. I can't find them anywhere so let's pump it up a bit.

    I assume it's cattle_territories.xml. But why are all dmin and dmax values 0 by default ?? It takes forever to edit that list.

    Also, what would be "safe" numbers to add?

    I'm gonna do this to other animals too later, just testing with cows first.

    Asking newb questions in this thread.

    How do you calculate how long the game time is in real time?

    At the moment I have

    Server time multiplier: 6

    Server time multiplier (night): 20

    What is the filename for Cooking pot in types.xml? I can't find it.