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    That would be an understatement on the YT, every add is about website hosting and designs lol

    While I wait for support to reply (which is very slow) I will watch some YT more on how froxlor works and to see if there is something being missed.

    You do not know how much you helped, if you with your said experience say it isn't possible it makes me extremely happy to know I am not doing something wrong or going crazy hah

    One last question would you be able to manually replace the froxlor or am I stuck with it without help from support?

    Yeah we are aware of the type of permissions the drupal needs but we do not know how to add a 'superadmin' to the website, we have no control over that it seems unless there is a way and its just not obvious.

    For the myphpadmin database we do not know how to add a user. We know how to create a DB that's the easy part but we have no idea how to make a user. I will share a screen capture with you so you can see what we see maybe we can be directed from there? maybe?

    This is the DB we created and can log into: Screenshot by Lightshot

    This is everything highlighted with black that contains anything to do with 'user': Screenshot by Lightshot

    Before suggesting anything to with these highlighted groups do note that some of these need privileges and user pma_user requires SUPER privileges to edit/add.

    The biggest help we could receive at all would be shown how to get drupal active on the webspace. Or show us the existence of this "web folder" hah

    Right so on the website page we have in german it says to remove this text edit or remove the index.html. We have no idea where this is. There is no way to change it at all. And 1 fact is there is no web folders or at least I no idea where is is once we log in.

    replying to the domain issue. It is 100% an issue on nitrados side. I have went to other webhost just to see if it could transfer the domain (just to check) and all said the domain is not registered or public etc. and on googles chrome is says the IP is not available. So what they will have to do is re-register the domain and restart the billing period. Or give a refund and try again maybe with a .com or .net

    Since no one here can help with domain issues and help to the first half of this reply would be great. Have tried for 12 hours or so trying to install a CMS but the froxlor server management nirado uses is greatly outdated and so is the myphpadmin. Both of them lack some key features on both my phpadmin and froxlor. For example for drupal you need a user created on your database and that user needs permissions. 2 of us have exhausted ourselves trying to find anything to add/remove admins but failed. We even went on to the myphpadmn demo page and even seen that we are missing the users tab on the top of the database tools etc. So again any help to the top half of this post would be massively appreciated. DOAGEN I am interested in having a chat with you on twitter or where ever if you want to have a chat that would help.

    So basically this is everything we have done at the moment.

    We ordered the webspace pro. After that all we have been able to achieve is logging in via nitrado, learning how to log into my php making new databases and make FTP account thats have no ability to log in when the session times out.

    We understand that the domain will stay bugged until the support ticket is answered. The thing we are looking for is how to start logging in and editing the web page.

    For every bit of help we have tried to find most of them refer to either SSL or Website folders. We have no idea how to get a website folder or what/where it is or could be. We got to the installation stage of installing drupal but we cant add it to the webspace cause we have no folder.

    The biggest help we could receive at all would be shown how to get drupal active on the webspace. Or show us the existence of this "web folder" hah

    thats a long time we havent got a single clue about how to actually start the webpage up to be honest haha i thought there would of been like a web editing gadget when i bought the space haha

    okay and one more thing sorry to be a pain but i have bought a Domain for a year and its coming up with error codes its been 25 hours and still same error code i have submitted a ticket but no reply as of now can anyone help with this

    OK so I have bought Webspace and a domain. I am doing my best to figure out how do I make the actual webpage?

    Anytime I search FAQs and youtube for example the answers have nothing to do with webspace but the web interface for game servers or the into is in german.

    All I can do is select "web interface login" and its just brings me to the settings like, SQL, email accounts and FTP accounts.

    Does anyone have any idea on how to edit the actual website itself? this here is all I can see with 0 options to edit the page at all.

    Domain IP (URL):