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    We are a New cluster ! We are having a community meeting at 12pm 19/09/2020 Sydney Australia time (9pm 09/18/2020Central American) to talk about our clusters settings and things that should change. After the crunch is over we will have a give away of a ark season pass or genesis!! All settings/Rates are open for discussion. We have a small community already. All you have to do to enter into the contest is participate in the meeting.

    Hello guys, i have contacted support 3 times now by phone and ticket. the ticket said my host machine was moved and that usually when they go to fix the problem its been fixed already. but its been over 2 days and i cant edit anything inside my 10 map cluster. over and over i get the same error message. and it takes support days to answer a ticket. i desperately need help lol. ive logged in and out, ive stopped restarted the servers. ive tried everything man it just sucks. ;( i dont even have to try and edit something all i have to do is click on something and it kicks me out