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    I have one Valheim server running perfectly after update! i just changed a second server from Space Engineers to Valheim and now have the same problem as everyone else - server will not run. Dashboard shows no activity on CPU or Memory. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times plus restarts! Would be ncie to have the second server up before tomorrow if possible as its for a livestream!

    Maybe that is something to do with this. I had a Rust server up and changed to Valheim. /shrug

    None of this worked for me. Of course my patience is at zero at this point. Thank you for your suggested solutions.

    Maybe someday after the 98342235th restart it will take...

    Due to the new update of Valheim to version 0.143.5, a server restart is required. With the server restart your server will be updated to the latest version. You can find more information about the update here:

    New server setup. Shows in view servers for steam but does not connect (nor is it in the list servers).

    Brand new setup. Literally an hour old. Restarted .. at .. least .. 20 .. times. Stop. Start. Restart. Nothing. This... /smh - Nitrado if I didn't have a credit with you from the other failed games (Ark, Rust). At this point. Honestly, I should know better. I need to just eat the $98 and move on.

    Due to the new update of Valheim to version 0.143.5, a server restart is required. With the server restart your server will be updated to the latest version. You can find more information about the update here:


    I was not expecting anyone here to have the magic fix, aware this is predominately populated by people like me. I was hoping for some validation that this was not a singular issue. To see if anyone else had experienced this problem on Crystal Isles.

    My frustration is from repeatedly being told this is a global problem that WildCard is aware of and that nothing can be done until WildCard fixes said problem. Upon hearing from WildCard they tell me there is no problem. Which by proxy - nothing can be done because Nitrado needs WildCard to fix a problem that WildCard does not acknowledge.

    Again - I truly do appreciate your attempt to assist me with this problem. Truly. I appreciate you.

    At this point, the time taken away from actually making money is starting to equal the amount spent on this problem. I am simply going to cut my losses and walk away.

    Anyone seeking a free server for the remaining 81 days. PM I will give you admin rights. (edit - this is a PS4 Server)

    As I have stated, I have contacted Nitrado support on two separate occasions. I was told on both occasions this is a global issue that WC is aware of. In a direct response from WildCard, they do not appear to be aware of this global issue.

    This is/was a brand new server - there is no backup or recovery where the spawns were working.

    This conversation only further highlights my frustrations with this problem. It seems everyone reads the headlines but no one reads the articles.

    Aug 31st stated new server - no wyverns.

    Sept 3rd I stated I had just spoke to support the first time.

    Sept 3rd Was also informed by a mod this was a global issues and that there were many posts on the official forums.

    Sept 3rd Spent any free time I had searching for referenced posts on the official forums.

    Sept 3rd Again spoke to support. Again told this was a global issue.

    Sept 4th Submitted a ticket with official Ark support.

    Sept 8th Got a reply from Wildcard. They are unaware of this global issue.

    Sept 9th Asked to contact support a third time.

    There HAS to be a communication gap here.

    I think your advice is well intended and far be it from me to judge, but ...

    'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.' - Rita Mae Brown

    I do however appreciate your attempt at assisting me with this issue.

    A week now. I did spend several hours trying to find information on this "global issue" over the weekend.

    I did find one post on the internet with this exact problem. -> No Wyverns - Crystal Isles


    I heard back from official Ark support (even if it did take 4 days) and...


    "We are unaware of any global issue that is effecting wyvern spawns on official or unofficial servers."

    What do they know? They just work there.

    To be fair, I think there is a communication barrier at play here with support. Still the $$ spends the same.

    Thank you.

    Certainly have done that - twice now. Both times told this is a known issue and posted many times on the official Ark forums. Yet, I just cannot seem to find any information on this issue. While I will accept accountability for not being able to find the information if it exists. It is very frustrating watching the time pass with a server that does not fully function as intended, which is to be expected with new games/content. However, I keep getting told that this is a known issue and that it is effecting every private server. That almost certainly appears to be false at he very least on 50% of that claim. No one can seem to point me to any relevant or remote source to confirm and/or educate myself about what the actual problem is. Up to and including the people who consistently make the claims. ?(

    I suspect more than likely they have spawned them in. The official ARK forums has many posts about this game bug.

    As with any game, bugs do occur and for the most part the official ARK wiki/forums tries to post stuff as they find it.

    Sadly nearly every new DLC has had its issues. :(

    Not saying your wrong, but I searched the forums briefly last night and only found posts about missing egg spawns.

    You are the fourth (nope fifth now) person to tell me this - all connected to Nitrado for what that is worth. Yet, when I search in Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, DogPile, Yandex, CC Search, StartPage, Gibiru,, internet archive, twitter and even on SurviveTheBrokenGame.. I mean I have found one post.

    Crystal Isles Wyvern Missing <enter> and...


    Not even sure that is referring to THIS problem.

    Also in the past 6 months...

    While we can assume that the search terms are a bit ambiguous, I would like to think that there would be at least one for a global issue of this magnitude. Seriously not trying to stir up crap but I am having a really difficult time wrapping my head around how this is a known issue effecting "every" private server and there is nothing out in the ether.

    Is the interwebs busted?

    edit: In my defense - the search functionality on the site mentioned is garbage and I have to revisit the site to re-search due to some weird timer.

    Quick update:

    Did the live chat and was told this is a global issue affecting all private ARK servers running Crystal Isles. I have played on a handful of private servers and either they manually spawned the wyverns in or this statement is untrue. I have searched through the official website looking for this issue after being told by the representative that it was a known issue and that a patch should be forth coming. I suppose what really troubles me is I suggested a warning or note stating if you start a Crystle Isle map there is a bug that will/may prevent the wyverns from spawning. They stated they would not as it does not effect the game server?

    I have not been able to find any information on this other than eggs and mostly on other maps.

    To be fair, I am working so I do not have a lot of time to deal with this. I will have more time come this weekend.

    Myrm - Yes I tried export settings also and no I have added no mods. Pretty much out of the box with forceflyer = true. Also showplayeronmap and corpseindicator.

    Well this is disappointing. I messed with settings last night and re-installed the server from scratch a couple times. No wyverns.

    Doesn't appear to be much support here in the forums for this issue (not a complaint but an observation). Will submit a ticket.


    That is what I thought. I spawned a few manually. Tamed one. Realized I needed to have forceFlyers = true to be able to ride it. This seems to be exclusive to Nitrado - the settting being false by default.

    Still not sure why I am not getting wyvern spawns. I tried to destroywilddinos and various other changes. There does not appear to be a lot of information on the topic which leads me to believe that it is either rare(-ish) or something obvious. A friend who we play with is having the same issue.

    Unfortunately my time to research this is going to be limited over the next several days. Very disappointed. Was looking forward to spending my day off putting around rather than trying to troubleshoot. Such is Ark I suppose.

    I signed back up and started up a Crystal Isles map.
    Out of the box. Only setting changes
    Map Name - Crystal Isle

    Server Name - Tribename and map name

    No Wyverns speawned on map? Is there a significant delay? Been playing for a couple hours - flown the map - no wyverns.

    Am I missing something?