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    I know this topic has been talked about quiet a few times already but I just couldn't find a satisfying answer to the problem.

    I was playing on my Minecraft mod server like normal for 26 days now (no issues at all) but this morning (restart log says -Sat Aug 29 10:58:25- (CEST Time)) out of the blue with no one being online, the server just stopped for no apparent reason. And when trying to restart, the server is stuck in a restart loop. I can stop the server just fine but starting it is just not possible. What I find strange is that nobody played on the server during that time, so the server just stopped on its own with no "player interaction".

    Long story short, I just wondered if there is a "quick fix" for that problem? Although I'm hosting servers on Nitrado for over 6 years I don't feel save changing some important files because I fear messing something up so badly that I destroy the world that I'm playing on. I know that I can create backups but Nitrado changed their backup-system recently and I don't know how to download worlds anymore.

    Error message is at the bottom.

    I hope someone knowing what he/she is doing can help me :)

    Appreciate you all.

    1. [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: The state engine was in
    2. incorrect state SERVER_STOPPING and forced into state SERVER_STOPPED. Errors
    3. may have been discarded.