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    By default loot will respawn every 30 days. You can change it to lower in the server settings if you want to. Containers with loot in them already won't respawn. Only empty containers will respawn in that time frame. If you come across loot that you don't want I would suggest throwing the loot out on the ground and letting it respawn.

    I'm wanting to download the map folders for my server to my local computer but I can't figure out what files I need. I downloaded the map files under Saves but that is only part of the folders I need. The other set, that includes the map generation files, I can't seem to find. Does anyone know how I can get the other files I need or is it only support that can help me now?

    I just tried setting up a server and it isn't responding. I'm not able to find the server in game while searching for the server. I've tried connecting thru the dashboard and Steams says the server isn't responding. I've tried connecting with the IP address but that also does nothing. Is there anything that can be done about this?