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    i know there was server maintance on going today, i just got on my server go to "My Services" and check if your server might be affected by the maintance. As far as for Steam error i sometimes have issues where it will let me join that way and other times it says the server is not responding when it is up and friends are on it, super glitchy to go off.

    hope this helps cheers.

    Good day,

    This issue just started, i changed it all on my server setting to allow flyer pick up in my PVE server i've had the argy pick things up in the past but it can't do it anymore. I can go on a wyvern that we have and pick dinos up. the Quetzal can also pick dino's up seems to be just the there anything i can do to fix this. I rebooted the server and that caused an issue where the server reset and i kept my current level but all the tamed dinos and the base i had built was gone so i loaded from a back up got everything back and i am still having the issue where the argy can't pick anything up. The inv is empty just has food.

    any help is much appreciated.


    sorry just noticed that if i left click to attack it also doesn't do it. all flyers we have aside from the argy will attack and pick things up.



    That was the issue thanks for the reply!

    Also are you guys having connection issues today? I can't seem to reach the page it doesn't load and i can't access the server on ark...... some of my friends can get on but to me it shows that it is not responding?



    Good Day,

    i have bought the server and have made the appropriate changes i place the mods in the Active Mods (IDs) 731604991,1633079513,793605978

    and the mods show up underneath with the This mod is installed automatically on the next server start. This can delay the server start.

    i have rebooted the server multiple times and still shows anyone else still having this issue? i only have those three mods and tried doing it 1 at a time also.