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    Thanks for your respond, will restore back up helps? When the support team will respond to us? It's very upsetting we have to lose something if we restore backup and doesn't solve the issue. It's more upsetting if we lose the daily streak at the same time. I tried to login to other random servers and it works. It's only our server having issues which is more frustrating.

    For the past 12 hours, there was a hardware maintenance and we waited for it and then game update. However when we try to login now, it stuck at connecting and then time out. Other members tried at their device and encounter the same problem. We have restart and update our game. Still the same problem.

    We need to complete the daily pursuit as we have a long streak. It is very frustrating if we lose our streak because of these game server service problems.

    Please look into this urgently. I have also submitted a ticket to fix. ||