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    I have tried several times to get my offline damage prevention to go away. I want my server to be able to decay, and no timers are showing. The main reason is that when players are offline their turrets are not working. This is resulting in new players unable to get their starter packs and others getting killed going to someones base to pick something up. We play in PvE, and I have played on multiple servers where this is not a problem.

    I have changed these to False Several times, saved, let it sit 5 minutes, started server, then restarted. Nothing stays.



    Am I doing something wrong? Should I add a code to make this work or is this what needs to be changed? My players on my cluster are getting frustrated with it.


    Hi! Your best bet would be expert settings. Don't delete them, and it takes tweaking to get the right.

    As Rondeau said, on console you will need to push on your controller LB, RB, X, Y all at the same time while in the pause menu in game. Enter your password at the top and go to request admin. For creative mode you need to enable that. I suggest you go through general settings first and set basic ones, then save. Test in game. If those settings don't quite work, enable expert settings. That will transfer your basic settings to the coding and stop you from having to enter it all yourself if you use expert.

    Also, download beacon app on your computer. Its really helpful when you have no idea what you are looking at inside expert settings!

    So all my coder peoples!!

    I am trying to add in custom alpha drops. Mainly BBS for my server currency. I have found a few useful sites, but nitrado deletes the code upon server restart. In my brain, I can just use the coding from beacon in my game.ini for a regular drop and change


    to whatever the code would be for each alpha where it says "Level03_C". Am I wrong in thinking this? I am also not finding the code for each alpha. I have only tried the Alpha Raptor and it didnt work, and deleted the code.

    So could someone direct me where I can find the coding? Or walk me through what I need to do? I am not one to ask for help, unless I absolutely could not find the answer myself, as I learn from mistakes and I dont want anyone doing it for me! But I am lost on this one!

    None of my coding friends have been able to do it correctly either. So I am coming to the experts!


    I attempted to change the crafting requirements for cementing paste in my Primitive Plus Server. I put the code into game.ini and restarted the server. When I went back into the server, the crafting requirements for cementing paste had changed , but I lost a bunch of other crafting things.

    Once I noticed this, I immediately stopped the server and removed the code, then restarted. Same thing, stuff missing. I rolled back the server to before I even played today, and still same thing. The code is definitely gone from game.ini but the crafting items are still missing.

    The code I used in the game.ini is:


    I will add screenshots so you can see things are missing from the crafting.

    Thank you I will try and tweak those around. I have changed the harvestamountmutliplier several times and it's just not changing. The most I can get is like 80 something when I hit a tree. And I agree on the WC not carrying over on some things. Some settings I'm having to double and some not. And I also started putting my code in alphabetical order like you suggested the other day, so thank you for that!

    Edit: I had it under the wrong heading lol.

    And once I copied and pasted my harvest was so beyond what it should be!! I got like 17000 stone lol!

    I didnt even think of putting them in alphabetical order! I'm not doing anything on a computer, just a phone and a notebook and pen lol! It's a process but thanks to the websites out there with free code writing I am getting the hang of it. I bought 2 maps, one with general settings and one with expert mode and the expert mode is much better so copy and paste I will once I get the one perfect!

    I have spent a week now updating each setting and got ALMOST everything working perfectly. My harvesting rate isn't increasing. I would like it to boost at about 15x official. I have changed and added the harvest multiplier and knocked it up even to 200 but nothing is changing at all. What lines should I be changing in my settings and under what heading? Thanks in advance. I'm soooo close to getting this! :)

    ;( I figured that would be the case. I even got stacking up to 20000 plus without a mod. Guess to experimental expert mode I go. Thank you so very much!

    one more question. Does it matter what line I put things on? I know it says under the heading but can I put other settings at the bottom of all the already entered "base" data? I'm afraid I will enter something on the wrong line number

    Hello! I have just purchased my Nitrado server and I am teaching myself how to code. I am NOT using expert mode yet as I want to get it up and running as quickly as possible. I am using the engine settings to add in the .ini setting. I have changed it to unlock all engrams as well as the xp and custom dino removal. Everything in the settings is perfect except I can not get the always allow structure pickup command to work. I have tried:



    Just to see if it would work and none do. I have changed the position of the command on every line. I see no "general setting" to change pickup time. I know it is in expert settings but since I have everything perfect I would rather not have to redo everything. However, as we all know l, this is an important setting.

    Am i missing something simple here?? Any help would be aporeciated!!