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    I tried this fix with a game that I currently have going with some friends. I loaded in after uploading the new .yaml file, and found the options are still as they were before. Does this ONLY work with a new save? Will it work ever with an older (a few days) save? If I have to wipe the server to do this, is there a way to get the Project Eden scenario to work in the dedicated.yaml file? Is there a line in the dedicated.yaml file that tells the server that it is playing MP, Survival and not SP, Survival? I have so many questions, and having a hard pressed time finding the answers to them. Thank you in advance.

    I have set the dedicated.yaml file to load my Project Eden Scenario. It won't. When I FTP the scenario folder to the server, it wants to over write files. I told it to only overwrite if it's a different size. It still doesn't load Eden, it still goes over weight/ volume. It STILL has no CPU limits. It STILL points to Default Multilayer scenario.

    I met another streamer online today that is having the same problem with his Nitrado server. I am getting super frustrated. I am at the point of canceling and going to a different server host. Please advise. X(