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    I took the new items and just copy and pasted into my old files at the bottom and everything works great. Didnt want to go through everything and change it again.

    Im not entirely sure how to set automatic restarts. I know Nitrado gives the 5 automated tasks, and you could use those to set auto restarts, but say i wanted to have restarts every two hours, or 2.5 hours, how i would i code that?

    Ive been on other servers with hourly and every 3 hours and im just wondering how to make something like that happen.

    Appreciate the help in advance.

    Hey guys.

    Just started a server last night. Ive been through the types files and spawnable types and kind of tried creating what i was looking for, and failed. I was wondering if there was kind of a basic, "copy and paste this" to get me started and i then i could tweak on the way. Not sure if anyone does that.