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    Taming * 15. | | |Mods: (may add or remove mods if ppl want) URL to server profile: Asthetic Paradise | ARK: Survival Evolved (PC) |

    Harvesting * 5. | Stack mod

    Exp * 12.5. | | | | |Structures +

    Breeding * 25. | |Kibble table

    Max tribe members 3.

    Crop Growth * 15.

    Gigas nerfed and fewer.

    Turrets allowed on platforms.

    20% less wild dinos.

    More player and dino levels.

    Slightly boosted lvl up stats.

    Slightly slower food and water drain.

    Night duration 50% less.

    |Raiding allowed at all times, but keep it fair, no griefing and unnecessarily destruction! DONT kill passive dinos!!!|

    Admin plays too like any other, and uses power only for server mainetenance stuff.

    Join my new server and be the first ones to populate the Island! Together we can build a beautiful paradise!

    Trying to gather a good group of people and tribes to live and evolve the ARK to better. Raiding allowed all times, but be a gentleman and dont grief and kill unneccesary dinos. Most importantly, have fun!