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    Not sure of this is a Nitrado thing, or a Steam thing, I'm certainly not blaming the Mod, as its updated at the moment.

    Its not showing up in the server browser, in game, and its showing as 44 and not 45. The current mod causing this issue is EEWA or

    Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA) v0.27.5 I am at a loss

    I tried removing it, and restarting. Which didn't work.

    I tried moving its placement, this didn't work either.

    I tried forcing an update, this also didn't work.

    I need bloody help!

    You know the settings where you change server settings "Advanced, Professional, etc etc" and all that for the ram use and such. Does this really matter? Have I honestly wasted a fair share of my money on something that is for minecraft alone?

    Be honest here. I don't wanna pay for an "advanced" server if the ram doesn't apply to my Conan/Ark Server

    I wanted to know what the command line thing is called for the Crafting Multiplier bonus, for crafted items; crafted by one with hypothetically 500% crafting skill.

    I also want to know where I can put it for it to be active on my server, because right now, its not active on my server, and I'm kind of annoyed as I've tried many things to attempt to get it to work.

    The RocketMod guide on the Nitrado Wiki is Outdated and/or vague at best, as SDG is developing RocketMod now, but I am not sure how to get it to work on the Server, by activating it and a Plugin I want.

    Can someone give me an up to date guide or something? For Filezilla, and the now up to date RocketMod? 2021?