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    If you want wooden logs to spawn with other loot in buildings and sheds etc. add a new type with the name “WoodenLog” in types.xml and configure it as you wish

    Its difficult to help you when you have not provided the config changes.
    Assuming the changes you have made are correct, then the vehicles you are looking at where spawned in using the old config (incomplete). I suggest you either run around destroying the old vehicles to make room for the new (complete) vehicles or wipe the server.

    If you do decide the wipe the server, follow these steps to prevent your changed XML from being overwritten:

    - To wipe, no need to save settings. ENSURE SERVER IS STOPPED!
    - Go ahead, fret not, hit "ReInstall" bottom left of the Nitrado website.
    - IMMEDIANTLY Head to general settings and BE SURE TO UN CHECK THE "RESTORE DEFAULT XML FILES" IN GENERAL SETTINGS AND SAVE BEFORE SERVER RESTARTS or all your files will be replaced by default files. If the "RESTORE DEFAULT XML FILES" is not checked when you look, keep refreshing the webpage until it is.
    - If you wanted fresh start with nothing, stop at this step.
    - Afterwards, head over to "Configuration Profiles" and select the most recent updated profile and select "restore". That will actually reload all your settings, ie. Server time frames, ban list, whitelist, day/night cycle, password, server name, etc.
    - Once that restore is complete, pop back over to "General" and then edit your password as needed and any additional add ons you need, ie. last min ban list add, whitelist add, corrections on said lists, etc.

    1. No, all players share the same spawn location, only once init.c is unlocked for consoles could we do that.
    2. Vehicle lifetimes are not controlled by the XML, again, an init.c thing.
    3. There are 4 modes for events, Child, Parent, Mixed & Custom:
      1. For example using your event above:
        1. Parent, at each event you would find 1x Balaclava3Holes_Black, 3x GorkaEJacket_Summer, 3x GorkaPants_Summer and 2x JungleBoots_green
        2. Child, at each event you would always find 1 random child type, ignoring child min/max values.
        3. Mixed, at each event you would find 1 random item, limited by its child's min/max values.
        4. Custom, uses external XML file like territories.xml for numbers and locations.
    4. Yes, if you adjust the lootmin/lootmax of the children in "StaticHeliCrash" it would adjust the amount of loot found around heli's, have a look in mapgrouproto.xml to see the lootmax value that can be used per object.
    5. Yes and No, for consoles we can only configure the CLE at the moment. You can however use the DayZ tools to make it easier to get positions of building/loot etc to then adjust the CLE to spawn the objects in the desired place. FYI, Its also known that items rotation sometimes varies when using the CLE to spawn items in.

    Types begin to spawn in when the number on the map reaches the "min" value of that type and will continue to spawn that type in until the "nominal" value is reached.
    Depending on the value of the "flags" attributes, it may or may not count items in tents and on players towards the nominal value.

    Example 1. If you have 100 as the "nominal", but left the "min" at 5, then only once 95 of the types are picked up by players will it then spawn 95 more.
    Example 2. If you have 100 as the "nominal", and 99 as the "min", as soon as a player picks one of those types up, another will spawn somewhere else.
    Example 3. If you have 100 as the "nominal", and 99 as the "min", and the "count_in_player" flag set to enabled (1), then if the total number of that type on all players is 100, then no items will spawn in.

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