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    can anyone help me out?i want to spawn that huge plane storage building and it consist of to parts L and R i do template of planks for event but for some reason building still spawns just first half, by testing looks like it doest see bottom bit of child idk why.


    <event name="StaticTrader">









    <flags deletable="0" init_random="0" remove_damaged="0"/>





    <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="20" min="2" type="Land_Airfield_ServiceHangar_R"/>

    <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="20" min="2" type="Land_Airfield_ServiceHangar_L"/>



    Hello, im not sure if it can be done,

    is it possible to do that players location would be posted on discord in specific channel? i am planing one event and was thinking if would be possible to make it and if someone could guide me to it.

    thanks in advance

    and its for xbox server

    <flags count_in_cargo="1" count_in_hoarder="1" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="1" crafted="0" deloot="0"/>

    talking about deloot comand that is 0. what it does? would it like despawn items what i dont need in server if i would put 1 instead of 0

    smart one :) i went through and changed. just now need to bare till loot swaps around and despawnswhat i dont need in server.

    anyone knows if where is item in one line is despawn "0" if that change to 1 it does anything?

    thanks will check up video soon and will see if can do anything with that. whats strange for me ppl in server says that they found new items like clothing in server even if its not been updated yet

    hard to say if its still happening as its still rare. when next time will happen will ask for video. i know it hapened for me and can say that was driving like 20km/ph on dirt road. checked map and there was nothing that could be accidently spawned in that place

    Hello, saw that dayz posted that they are ready to launch 1.09 update and advising to vipe server before installing update. As it is my first update on actual server have couple questions. First how i do that update when its ready and can i delay it for a bit. Second how to safe players databese with items and what's build on server before doing update or even vipe so i could do something like roll back if possible?

    Hello i was just wondering is it possible to see list of game tags who was in server and played for older than normal logs hold? and is it possible to like vipe game tags player from server info. as just asking if player played and then decided to move to another server all items that he has in him will stay and also counting rare guns etc what counts if it is in player. Or after how long players info gets deleted?

    Hello in my server i have one small issue. server been up and runing for 3 weeks and during that period had player just driving in midle of road slowly even and just randomly die. checked logs and there was nothing just htat he died with full healts atc. anyone had this issue or know what can be wrong? its not a realy big thing as just 4 deaths in 3 weeks but still can get bigger problem. when guy came back to car car was just stoped with no crash and body inside car

    Hello, i already have couple weeks as server running and found lots of forum threads that was rly helpful. Know that this issue not rly connected with nitrado server but maybe someone could share market bot they using or show me right direction. Need just simple bot that would just keep count on which player has how much and i could just add or take away specific amounts of currency from them. Thanks for all attention