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    I'm not entirely sure what the screenshots you put there are showing, but I can tell you how I did it 1 day ago and I will do it alike as soon as 1.0 is on the nitrado servers. managing the saves like that has been working without any issue for me.

    • generate a [savename].zip in your client
    • shut down the server
    • save the existing [savename].zip you want to keep from nitrado servers to a place on your PC
    • delete the [savename].zip existing on the nitrado server
    • wait a bit (~2 mins)
    • upload your new freshly (or already played) [savename].zip to the server
    • wait a bit (~2 mins)
    • boot up the server

    You can circumvent the entire process of using a config and setting things in a file by adjusting all the setting as you want them to be in the client (i.e. your version from Steam), generate the world, save it and re-place the save file on the server with your save.
    all the settings for world gen will be carried over inside the [savename].zip . no need for you to adjust anything on the server with any additional files.

    for the lag - write a ticket.