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    I use a program called Beacon to do most of my stuff and in it there is an area that allows you to play with the stats of wild dinos kinda like what you can do in single player mode. Also, if I am not mistake you can adjust the difficulty offset and that might help raise the damage the wilds do

    I have 2 other servers that I have not issues with but I go to set up server number 3 and I have more issues then I have ever had. Biggest issue right not it I am pressing L1 R1 Triangle and Square and I am not getting the bar to allow me to put in admin commands. I have searched my code and compared it to all my other servers but I am just not seeing it. WTH do I need to do that I am not seeing. Can someone give me the code and the folder it goes into please. I changed events and I cant get the dinos changed because I can't destroywilddinos to get the new event colors to show.