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    Hello JasperMank,

    please clear the cache from your browser and restart it. Log in again then, should the server still install please contact the support. We can not help you here in the Community Forum.

    Your problem sounds like a hanger in the system. That can solve the support.

    With friendly greetings


    Hello kannakamui123,

    Please contact Nitrado Support. There may be your account to be restored.

    For one thing, here we are a community forum and have no access to your Nitrado server and furthermore, it is not easy to add a player to a server.

    Imagine you have a server and someone else is turning to a forum or support and the player will be added without your permission. We have no proof that you are the owner of the server.

    With friendly greetings


    Hallo jazzycricket,

    What does the server say exactly? Is he started? If it is started, it is possible to leave the web interface open for a while. After a while, the web interface shows a possibility to the server to restart or stop.

    If the server can not be started, please contact the support. We here in the Community Forum do not have access to your server. The support again.

    With friendly greetings


    I'm sorry but I think there can only help the support. :(

    According to the instructions of Nitrado, it should work like this.

    Maybe the support can help, after all, they have direct access to your server.

    I wish you success!


    I usually speak German so I'm going through the German manual now.

    - You download the desired Forge version on Minecraft Forge.

    - It is best to create a folder so that all files are in one place.

    - You start the file. Then you select there "install server". (Please select the folder where the file is located)

    - Now the file works and you get two new .jar file.

    - The file we focus on is called: (as an example) "forge-1.12.2-".

    - You click these now. A short time later, this stops.

    - Now you have to open the eula.txt and agree there by changing "false" to "true".

    - Then click on the .jar again and let it work.

    - As soon as the server starts running stop again.

    - Now please delete the following files "banned-ips.txt, banned-players.txt, ops.txt,, white-list.txt"

    - Now you rename the "forge-1.12.2-" into "minecraft_server.jar".

    - Now you can upload your server already. All folders and files. Simply connect to your server via FTP, delete all files in the folder "minecraftotherpacks" and upload yours there.

    - If no modserver existed before, just install some version via the webinterface so that the previous step can be done.

    - Should the server in permanent loop restart unfortunately the Forge version is not compatible.

    For questions, just let me know :)

    I've used this tutorial:

    Hallo FieryGaming,

    It should be an option in the web interface to change version. Should be synonymous. At least with Bukkit / Spigot.

    If not just go to profile in the Minecraft Launcher. There choose the version (create profile) you want. Click on Profile and click on Download Server.

    Then go to the web browser in the file browser and there replace the existing server.jar in the main folder with the new one. The name must stay the same.

    When changing to an older version but it can cause problems. Of course all files were created by the new version.

    How it behaves if you delete all data in the folder and only the new .jar starts I do not know.

    With friendly greetings


    I always recommend uploading the new version in the current versions, because the developers are quite diligent. :)

    Everything feasible. The more one deals with it, the more understandable everything is. ^^'

    To make it a little more understandable:

    Spigot is the server software and serves the purpose of using plugins.

    Permissions are the rights players get. These serve to not use "op".

    OP allows all players to do everything (which makes it possible to destroy the world.) OP can be used on servers for a family or only closest friends.

    Multiverse serves to use multiple worlds.

    Unfortunately there is no Spigot 1.14.2 in the Nitrado Webinterface. But you can create Spigot 1.14.2 every second with the help of this tutorial.

    BuildTools | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft

    The resulting .jar can then be uploaded under "Change version".

    Plugins would have to be downloaded, as only a few are available in the web interface.

    Simply download all the plugins that you would like to download in the appropriate version. Then go to the web browser on the file browser and upload all plugins into the folder / plugins.

    The server must be switched off. Then just start the server.

    Then the plugins should be installed, under the folder / plugins you will find a folder created by the plugin where you can set the plugin.

    Now if all players get "op" you do not have to do anything else. Should not all players have all rights I recommend a plugin like LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft. (Very highly recommended, because you can make everything with all rights of course.!)

    There, the so-called "Permissions" can be set up. So the rights that the respective group may have on the server.

    Then additional worlds can be inserted or new ones created.

    In these worlds your desires can arise.

    I like to help, in the past I also had many questions myself. :)

    Bukkit used to be the leading software for plugins.

    Today Spigot continues to develop Bukkit. Spigot works much better and uses fewer resources. Spigot advises all to use only Spigot and only Bukkit if there are really compatibility problems.

    So Spigot is the improved Bukkit. :)