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    This seems to be common at the moment.
    I'm having very similar issues with my own server, though i also get crashlogs showing out of memory errors with the server crashing anywhere after between 5 minutes and 3 hours uptime at which point it shows it's still there, gives a timeout when trying to connect and trying to restart leads to it getting stuck in restarting for 20 minutes and having to force stop to get it to start again.

    I did look into the crash logs and it is the same for me. Out of memory, then it has a problem shutting down properly and still shows up in the server lists. Then it is having some trouble restarting. So I believe we are having the same issue. I think today was the longest up time that I had according to my friend who was on it most of the day before it died recently.

    Good afternoon,

    I am unsure whether this issue is related to the constant restart issue I see across the forums. So, if so I am sorry and you can freely take this down.

    Three times this morning my server has suddenly frozen. My friends on Xbox and myself on windows 10 get the message connection to host timed out and everyone gets kicked. During this time, the server is still shown both on the server lists and on the Web interface as up and running but no one can connect. We have all restarted our games, refreshed, and still it shows up as 4 players connected, and none of us can connect.

    When I try to shut down the server, it goes into "server shutting down" for 10-15 minutes until I can force stop using the interface. Twice before this has worked and when I start the server it starts and we have been able to play for a little while. The last time this happened I got stuck in a restarting loop as stated on other forum posts. We were able to play about 20 minutes before the server again crashed and it is currently saying "server shutting down" for the last 20 minutes with no option to force shut down.

    Any information is appreciated, thank you for your time and help,


    Side note - Sometimes when I DO get the force shut down I get the server stopped message on the interface but the server still shows up on the server lists and it still shows that it is populated.

    Good evening. I am wondering how I can allow people to spawn on the other 3 expansion servers that I have. I currently have a 2x2 map with my main server on A1 with people spawning at a free port. I added the other 3 grids over the past few days and each has a free port in it but when I create a new pathfinder I cannot choose either of the 3 expansion grids.

    I am fairly new to this so its very possible that I have incorrectly done something. I have read up on the editor, and watched a few videos but I still cannot seem to get the other grids to work. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you,


    Good evening, I was wondering if there was a reason that my map is black when I look at it. I only recently purchased a server with only one grid thus far. as I explore it does not seem to open up the map so I do not think that it is a fog of war issue.

    thank you for your time,


    Is there a specific place in the web interface that I should look? When I check the PVP box in the settings, it makes the server turn to pioneering (PVE) when it is unchecked its is in Chaos (PVP). Other than that function, there is no other pvp setting that I can see.

    I could really use some information on this subject. I have players asking me about why they cannot fight off other players encroaching on their area.

    For further reference, tames and structures can be attacked while we are in chaos mode. But you cannot attack or harm other players. You also cannot attack unconscious players.

    I know that pvp works on official servers as I have killed and been killed on them. Is there something I can do to turn this on? Or is it just a flaw/ limitation in the Xbox server hosting?

    Thank you,


    Good Afternoon,

    I found out today that even when in a combat state, I cannot hit or be hit by other players. And they have said that they were unable to hurt other players. ( cant say for sure on that one as I did not witness this ). Is there a way we can test this?

    Also, I cannot pick up enemies or othr animals with and argentavis, or pteranedon on either setting.

    Thank you for your time,


    Good evening,

    I am rather new to renting servers like this, ive only ever had an ark server before. Is there a way to change the experience, harvesting, taming multipliers? I do not see them in the options or settings. I am not sure if they are just not available for xbox one, or if there are extra steps that I need to do.

    thank you for your time,