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    Jaime1098 after doing this did you have any issues with not being able to ride flyers? I sorted my cave buildings as you did but now cant fly in them. It is turned on in the general settings and I have also tried putting it in the GameUserSetting.ini as advised by Nitrado but this hasn't worked. I am currently waiting for them to get back to me.

    After the last update my server changed to not allow cave building. After speaking to Nitrado i managed to get that sorted. However i can currently not fly dinos in caves. It is selected in the general settings and it is also in the gameuser.ini settings (ForceAllowCaveFlyers=True) However it still wont work. Does any body have any other ideas please

    My family owns a 10 slot Ark server which has started to become quite popular. At the moment we can not afford to up the number of slots and are not at a point to ask for boosts as we dont know how long we can run the server. Is there any way to make sure we can always log onto the server as we tried to play last night and it was full. Any help would be great as like im sure many players i dont want to be paying for a service i cant use half the time. Thanks in advance:)

    I have a new server on Ragnarok. After a couple of days someone joined and started spawning OP dinos and also ones not available on Ragnarok. As this person is neither server admin or owner i wouldn't of thought they could do this. Could someone please advise on how i can stop this from happening.

    Thanks in advance