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    i have had this problem for sometime, me and my bro like to prefer the survival sides of things and enjoy primitive plus when we play local. but when we try to set up a server here and activate primitive+ dinos do not spawn. i fly around the map and look and look and nothing. happens on every map i try even the new lost island. now i have seen the whole "just do a dino wipe and restart" this is not a solution. it does not work on any map. as long as prim+ is active no dinos spawn. i thought maybe it was some setting i changed so i went with default settings and still nothing. this is bullshit. im on lost island currently

    EDIT: So i flew down to the murder sands in the south and there are dinos there. what you typically would see is there its spot on. but literally there are still no dinos any where else. no dodos on the beach no pegomastex no parasaurs aboslutly nothing anywhere else. i thought maybe i was just flying to fast via cheat fly so i slowed down let things render and look around nothing by the volcanos nothing in the snow nothing in the forests. wtf

    Hi i recently changed my server to the island to satisfy some nostalgia, and me and my bro want to play primitive plus. So i left my setting how they were before on the other map (where everything ran perfectly smooth) and essentially just changed the map to the island and the mode to primitive plus. as the tittle suggests no dinos are spawning, like at all. i tried tweaking all the settings, nothing. I switched it to the survival evolved mode and dinos spawn in just fine but once i switch it to primitive plus boom no dinos. So yeah please help this is rather annoying, :|

    Is it possible to transfer ownership of my Ark ps4 server to another nitrado account?:/ I am no longer interested in keeping the sever but can i give it to someone so they dont have to start a new server?

    ME and a friend have separate nitrado accounts and he has generated a cluster ID for me to enter in the CrossARK>Cross_Travel>Cluster ID section. we save the changes and restart our servers and clusters are not appearing when trying to tavel to a different server in game.

    as the tittle states I just bought and Ark PS4 server and at first i wasnt sure what i wanted to name it so i just name it something generic. Once i modified the stats and all how i wanted them i changed the name. After doing so The server will no longer appear. I have waited just incase it took time, didnt show, i tried restarting server, shutting it down completley, and even changing the name again and waiting about a ten minute period and it still will not show up. Not impressed.