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    I just use the IP and port to connect, too much trouble to find it on the list. In the Steam load window click "join Game" then at the bottom click the "connect to IP..." button. The IP and port info is on the upper LH side of the Nitrado General screen. Once it is in the Steam connect window it will always be there, it saves the password as well.

    This happens every time they update the server, lately it's been a couple times a day. Your maps should be saved in your saves folder, just manually put in the "game name" and select the map again. If the maps aren't saving set the auto save timer in the general screen, 30 minutes is a good number. You have to change all of the settings back to your liking every time as well, unless you just leave them at default. If you change things like bloodmoon frequency and the likes, you have to change it in the serverconfig.xml file. Then restart the server and you should be back in business.

    You can also use an FTP program and log in and save the files to your computer or a thumb drive in case something bad happens.

    I had the same issue after the update on the 17th with the Navezgane map we were running. I changed the map to a pregen and it has been working fine. I have tried to load the saved Navezgane map and a new Navezgane map as well, but the server never starts all the way. There must be an issue with that map or something. You can have multiple games saved on the server and toggle between them as well.