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    I have now since fixed this issue, but I do have another one. The login timer I change to 5 seconds and that is working, but the logout timer I change to 6 seconds now 10 and that will not work it is stuck with the standard 15 seconds

    I am changing the nominal to the high number that i want and the min to the low number that I want. I am not receiving error messages. And I have tried putting the default files back in and still having the same issue to where there is hardly any loot.

    I am having issues with my configuration files, I.e types.xml and cfgspawnabletypes.xml. Is there anyone that is able to help me as when I change things to a higher or lower spawn it won't work. Also things are spawning the way that I hope they should be. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.:?::?: