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    i used r2modman launcher for valheim. I installed the mods on my local pc via launcher, then started modded version of game via launcher and logged into my nitrado server... so far all mods are working. NOTE: All players playing on server must use same mod launcher and have same mods installed.

    this really works i must try :O

    you probably running a version of valheim plus ahead of what the server is downgrade to 0.9.4 im guessing nexus mods auto updated or something

    i was getting ready right about this myself, i hope nitrado can keep this up to date relatively quickly we might be being a bit quick as it was released today, but ive tried a server shutdown and reinstall on Valheim+ on Latest but that still sits at 0.9.4

    not really sure whats happening but last night and today server seems to just stop responding and I get disconnected then server appears offline in the steam list and then comes back up, anyone know what could possibly cause this problem?

    so yesterday i decided to get a killing floor 2 server for me and some friends so we can easily jump in and play anytime we want without any hassle, i have previously had a ARK server and it was brilliant so i decided to come back to nitrado again, unfortunately its not going well since first install the server has not worked it seems to be constantly restarting itself as seen in the logs

    1. Tue Jul 14 03:45:24 BST 2020 killingfloor2stablelinux Restarted ni3765554_1
    2. more than 10 times in a row. There seems to be something very wrong. Stopping
    3. it...

    i have tried reinstalling the server with no joy, servers resource monitors are not working and trying to change certain settings using nitrados built in setting modifier to change stuff like round length, server name, server password etc, doesn't seem to do anything and boxes remain blank really need some help ;(

    Thank you