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    Right, I understand that you cannot use Expert and Config WebUI at the same time. I am not using Expert mode, and have used the WebUI exclusively. But what I was trying to do (as I was understanding it) was making edits manually to the file itself and uploading it via FTP to customize the files.

    And what they're telling me is that custom edits to any configuration files that are then uploaded, have to be done while in Expert mode otherwise they'll be overwritten ...? Maybe there's a miscommunication somewhere or I explained it poorly to them. I don't know.

    So, I am not sure what to make of this because I believe you when you guys tell me this is possible, but Support is telling me otherwise. :

    "Thank you for your support request.

    If you don't use Expert Mode and try to make changes to the configuration files, they will be overwritten.

    You must enable Expert Mode to make custom edits to the configuration files."

    I am not doing it in expert mode.

    Basically, im doing as follows:

    Shut the server down.

    Download the Game.ini file utilizing the File Browser (In the Web Interface)

    Adding in the code on to the freshly downloaded Game.ini file via Notepad.

    Utilizing FileZilla to upload the edited Game.ini file back on to the Nitrado server.

    Checking the File Browser (in the Web Interface) to see if the changes are on the Game.ini (they are).

    Waiting approx 10 minutes before starting the server.

    Start The Server

    Check the File Browser (in the Web Interface) to see the contents of the Game.ini (they revert and the fresh code is no longer there.)

    As title says. I add in the code manually to the .ini file, and upload it via FileZilla, and will even check the File Browser on the WebInterface, and the changes I've added to the .ini are in there. With the server off during this whole process, I wait 10+ minutes, and start up the server. I'll check the File Browser on the WebInterface, and the coding I added to raise the levels are completely gone from the .ini file.

    I even tried to change the Game.ini file to "read" only in FileZilla, but the permission is denied on doing that. What am I missing here? It's important to note I am not in expert mode, im utilizing the WebInterface for alteration of my settings/multipliers, etc.

    Thanks for your reply. I searched using a couple different ways to phrase my question and didn't find any concrete answers, so apologies for the duplicate thread.

    For clarification, via the FTP option, am I downloading the .ini local to my machine, adding in the necessary script, then re-uploading said .ini file via FTP in order to retain the current configuration, but just with added code to alter the maximum levels? Just want to make sure I am understanding your explanation. Also, what do you mean by using ASM to create the .ini for the levels?

    Is there a way to do this within the Web Interface? I've found that utilizing the settings in the Web Interface exclusively causes zero issues with my server running, so I am a bit hesitant to start altering .ini files in order to achieve this. So my question is, can I alter this in the WebInterface, and if so, how?

    Second, is if I am UNABLE to edit it there, how would I edit the .ini file in such a way to retain all of the current set values created by the WebInterface but just "adding in" the script code to alter the max level of players and the max level of dinos on the server?



    I've found the option under the game settings in the control panel that says "ServerAutoForceRespawnWildDinosInterval" and it has a numeric value that can be manipulated. However, I am not understanding what this numeric value means in relation to what it's actually changing. For instance, it currently is set to 0. Does this mean that it won't have any wild dino wipes at all for any restarts? More information on what that value does would be super helpful! Thank you.

    The only things I changed in expert mode was copy and pasting the .ini contents from the previous server's files in to the .ini through expert mode. I could provide the information in those .ini files if that would help, but that's the only thing. The server WAS working when I did NOT bring over the contents of the game.ini file onto the expert mode editor. But when I DID bring over the contents, that's when the server became unreachable, it seems.


    I just rented out a 10 slot server for ARK and have the full save/configuration/mod files from a previous server a friend was running for me, but is no longer able to run.

    Im wanting to get these files on to the new server, and I can't help but to think that just simply "mirroring" the file tree structure in the web interface's FTP to match that which he provided me isn't the right way to go about it. Not only that, the file tree structure in the saved server files contain A LOT of various folders and there's no "drag and drop" for the FTP so having to do all of this one by one seems like an all day affair. Is there something I am not missing? I want to have the saved survivors, structures, dinos, items of the previous server but have that up and running on this new server. Im running in to a brick wall. Appreciate any help on this.