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    i run a small.... very small private cluster for my friends and myself. 2 maps. ragnarok and crystal isles. since the last update i get the "host connection timeout" when trying to connect to my CI map. oh and yes btw i play on xbox. i have contacted Nitrado customer support about this more times than i care to count since the update via support ticket, email, and phone just to be told that all i can do is wait. well, it has been around 60 hours that i have been trying to log on to my CI with no success. and around 70 hours since the update. everything of mine is on CI. i can access my ragnarok map but i have next to nothing there. not to mention, id have to start from scratch. and the strangest thing despite me being unable to access CI, others can. yet, support tells me just to wait

    i dont even know if i am doing this part right. lol. i started my own ark server and have been working on the coding for it fo a couple of days now and i have noticed that the server shutdown/restart timer has stopped showing up. i have googled a solution for this till my fingers have blisters. could someone please help me with this