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open positions @ Nitrado

    so yes. Wait for tomorrow and call...

    This is dumb. This now Wastes an entire day off my purchase.

    Ill tell you what with this headache y'all have caused from a very simple lack of communication all on nitrado's end; I'm taking my business elsewhere next time i want to rent a server.

    Seriously. If you guys had emailed login info or even required an account creation before purchase none of this would have happened. Heck even having an microsoft login button THAT ACTUALLY WORKED!

    But no i have to dig for 45 mins before i even come close to finding out what my account ID even was. And that's not even the info i need. I dont even know the username y'all created purchase.

    Unacceptable in any books.

    Seriously tho. if i dont get any proper help with tomorrows support im going to request a refund and tell the few friends i have to never use this service.

    so wait for tomorrow to try and call?

    There is no way microsoft has the account info or any of the info i just asked for..

    It was purchased Via your application on an Xbox.

    My problem lies in not being able to log into your application with the purchasing account.

    You all never sent me login info or anything except a verify that the server was purchased via email.

    I hit the link and here i am.

    ok so i just made a purchase on xbox for a 30 day server on ark. I tried to log in and it gave me a completely separate account. With no purchases. Now when i try to log in thru xbox it puts me in the second account with nothing.

    I dont even know the name.of my server let alone have any idea what the user is of the account its tied to is... I have no idea what im doing and feel like i just wasted 15$

    Somebody please help. How do i get to the first account? Or how do merge the two? Or delete this one so i can try to log into the first account?

    Edit: so i can log into the purchase account automatically on my xbox.

    But on my phone or PC it auto logs me into this account.

    I found my User ID and server info. But now I. Still have the issue of i need full access to my purchase account so i can edit the server setting on my PC instead of having to do it over Xbox.