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    nope, me and the 11 other peeps had the same issue, playing with NP at all, Loged out and could not Log back in, we told one of our friends to log out and see if it would let him back in and it will not. non of us can join ANY Nintrado server atm, we can how ever join Offical ARK server np at all. and all of us are on PC

    Exactly the same. I'm not a server owner, but we were a full tribe playing on an EUROPE hosted Nitrado server, 3 on Xbox and 2 on Win10, all the same error message for EVERY "Unofficial PC sessions" server : "Joining failed : Could not retrieve address", and just after being kicked out the game (all simultaneously around 9pm yesterday). Currently, our favorite server is showing only 1 player online.. However, officials servers are working fine, but thats not what we are looking for today..

    We tried to :
    Restart the game, restart Xbox(/PC), restart router, use the Google DNS.. Nothing solves this, its by Nitrado side 100%.