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    The Windows 10 PC version of the game comes free with the Xbox version and visa versa, both being owned by Microsoft.

    The steam version of the game DOES NOT crossplay with either the windows 10 PC version or Xbox.

    To enable your server to play on xbox and windows 10 PC, you simply enable crossplay on a Nitrado unofficial PC server.

    Monk27 I have been experiencing the same problem with my US Ragnorak PC-Unofficial server "[US] Fist" I keep getting messages from my players and tried a few thing with no success. Here is what i understand about the problem.

    Me and my Xbox players are having problems joining my server or any other PC - Unofficial server. error "Cannot retrieve address"

    - I tried resetting the server, reverting the server, and resetting the server with re spawned dinos. We each have tried hard rebooting, and restarting our Xboxes multiple times. Still cannot connect to my server or any other PC unofficial server.

    - I am however able to connect through my PC. So whatever is going on is only affecting Xbox players.

    - I was able to login to dedicated xbox servers with no issues.

    So from all I can see this is something wrong with Nitrido, and they seem to be aware of the issue. So submit a ticket explaining what's going wrong, perhaps it might add insight. and lets see if we can get a response about what is going on.